Thijs Eerens is an creative technologist. After studying Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation Technology he studied Mediatechnology at Leiden University. Here he could use his technical knowledge and creativity to realize projects like Park to Play and SIC. After his graduation he started his own business in developing media technological concepts like YouCube, Pump to Jump and PipeMania.

Latest Projects

  • Duck Hunt XL

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    Duck Hunt XL: With this installation you play Duck Hunt in real life with two persons. One person moves the...

  • Physical Pong

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    Physical Pong: With this installation you play Pong by pulling ropes. Two people play against each other at a huge...

  • KendieKrush

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    Levend Candy Crush: In deze installatie komt het alom bekende CandyCrush tot leven. De vier spelers moeten met de echte...

  • MOW!

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    MOW! is a multi-player (max 5 pers.) interactive puzzle game created by Thijs Eerens in cooperation with Ramon van Bezouw....